What inspired me to write this article was the lack of straightforward tutorials on using Porkbun's domains with Netlify. As a novice in the domain world, I felt that I needed a little more hand-holding at first to set up my website. I'm sure I'm not the only one with similar goals, so I hope others like me find this tutorial helpful. This tutorial expects you to have done the following:

porkbun dns setup.

Start by finding your domain details at Porkburn and open its DNS Records. You can use Cloudfare's Learning Center to read more about DNS records.

DNS Records selection

Secondly, delete all the records in the modal that point to '' or ''. These default DNS records are used for web hosting and for URL forwarding, which we won't be doing.

Now, add 2 new DNS records as shown in the table below:

Type Host Answer TTL
A 600
A 600

If you would also like to use Netlify's DNS, replace all Porkbun's 'AUTHORITATIVE NAMESERVERS' with nameservers found in Netlify DNS settings.

netlify custom domain settings.

In Netlify, you only have to add domain aliases in custom domain settings. The syncing between Porkbun and Netlify might take a few hours. You can check the status in Netlify's 'custom domains' page